Baltimore Bartenders' Guild

The Baltimore Bartenders’ Guild is a collection of Baltimore local like-minded bar professionals with one goal, to raise the bar. To bring a new level of classic and contemporary cocktails to the city of Baltimore, while providing guests with the best quality of service.


  • There are currently no BBG events scheduled in the near future. Please check back soon.



Brendan Dorr

President / Secretary

Doug Atwell

Vice President

Jon Blair


Chris Attenborough

Justin Carr

Ian Clark

Tony Delarose

    Chad Ellis

    William Escalante

    Eric Fooy

    Alec Franklin

    Patrick Gartner

    Chelsea Gregoire

    Lane Harlan

    Bernie Huddlestun

    Aaron Joseph

    Perez Klebahn

    Steve Lamb

    Jake Lefenfeld

    Brooke Maggi

    Shelia McCabe

    Rob Nichol

    Christian Parent

    Corey Polyoka

    John Reusing

    Tim Riley

    Jenna Robison

    Jim Saufley

    Ryan Sparks

    Shaun Stewart

    Maria Tan

    Anna Welker

    Nadiera Wynn

    Barri Yanowitz

    Ray Zanin