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D.C. Repeal Ball 2012

The celebration of the Repeal of Prohibition! Hosted by the D.C. Bartenders guild and a smashing good time celebrating the root of many livelihoods. We sent a Charm City contingent down to represent and we had the best time. So many wonderful spirits and libations, solid camaraderie, and plenty of great conversation. Will definitely be going again next year!

Going Away Coffee Cocktails for Chris (Lamill Coffee)

These are house made Amaretto (by Stephanie Griber), California brandy, brown sugar, Counter Culture Coffee, and topped with loose whipped cream. So delicious. Such a fun going away for Chris. Good luck out there.

Photos's from AIWF Farm to Chef

An Evening of Traditional Beverages at JHU

The Baltimore Bartenders' Guild joined Woodberry Kitchen on the back lawn of the Charles Carroll House at JHU Homewood for the 16th Annual Evening of Traditional Beverages. Corey Polyoka of Woodberry gave an excellent presentation on this years traditional beverage... The Punch! A splendid moment was Corey talking about Charles Carroll enjoying an evening on the same patch of lawn with friends enjoying a summer punch. I love the community that surrounds a punch, standing around a bowl, talking about life, love and adventures. Many thanks to WK and JHU for having the BBG join this year's event.

Bitters at The Meadow in NYC

I was up in NYC for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic and had to take advantage of the selection of spirits and bitters available that you just can find and sample in Maryland/DC. This selection of bitters at The Meadow is amazing and just shows how awesome and quickly the industry is growing. Stop by next time you in NYC and ask for recommendations.

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